«Biodegradable polymers», one of the relevant topics of the X international business-forum “Polymer club

Association “Ukrainian Polymeric Industry Representatives Council” invites you to visit X international business-forum “Polymer club”, that is going to be held in Kiev (Kievo-Mogilyanskaya Business-School, 8/5 Voloshskaya Str., building 4) on March, 5, 2013.

One of the relevant topics of this business-forum is “Biodegradable polymers”. This topic is going to be represented by company “Bioplastic” – official Ukrainian representative of “EPI Environmental INC” (Canada).

Company “Bioplastic” appeared on Ukrainian market in 2012 and during 9 years it recommended itself as a reliable partner. For now more than 15 offices were licensed in Ukraine.

Company holds to active marketing policy and non-standard approach to process of product’s advance in Ukrainian market. That helped  “Bioplastic” to put finished biodegradable commodity in several Ukrainian large retail chains. “Agro-Oven” and “Foxtrot” became first Ukrainian companies which placed biodegradable wrappings with EPI brand and TDPA addition on their stores’ cash desks.