Renovated schedule of Х international business-forum “Polymer club”

Dear colleagues!

 Association “Ukrainian Polymeric Industry Representatives Council” invites you to visit X international business-forum “Polymer club”, that takes part on March, 5, 2013.

Address of the arrangement: Kievo-Mogilyanskaya Business-School, Kiev, 8/5 Voloshskaya Str., building 4

 X international business-forum “Polymer club” 5 March 2013.

Business-forum’s schedule:

9.30 – 10.00. Participants’ registration

10-00-10.30 “Development strategy of SIBUR’s polymers in Ukraine for 2013”, Vasiliev Aleksandr, general manager of S”IBUR International Trading Kiev”

 10.30-11.00 «HDPE, LDPE and PP from Middle East and South-East Asia suppliers” , Isakov Dmitrii, director of  representation “MB Barter & Trading SA” (Switzerland)

11.00-11.30 “Bimodal linear polyethylene LLDPE Borstar™ for sleeve extrusion. Extrusion’s features, range of application, formulas”, Petrushkin Vladimir, leading manager in Russia and CIS of film and fiber, “Borealis AG” (Austria) 

11.30-12.10  “Manufacture of polymeric products and problems of customs legislation”, Docenko Iurii, general manager of “UrPack” (Ukraine)

12.10-12.40 “Oxo biodegradable plastic additives for polymeric manufacture”, Glunickii Artem, director of company “Bioplastic” – official Ukrainian representative of “EPI Environmental INC” (Canada)

12.40 - 13.25 Coffee break

13.25-14.00 “Analysis of import and production of PE, PP, PS, PVC in Urkaine” , Olinkovskii Andrei, manager of consultancy IPG, chairman of Association “UPIRC” (Ukraine)

14.00-14.30 “PVC extrusion equipment”, Kolerov Ievgenii, sales manager of “Polymerservice” – official representative of “Xinxing Twin Screw Machinery Co., Ltd” (China)

14.30-15.00 “Electronics for polymeric equipment”, Katerinich Maksim, representative of “Maxthermo” (Taiwan) in Ukraine

15.00-15.30 “Complex delivery of peripheral equipment”, Andruschuk Pavel, district manager of “Morreto” (Italy) in Eastern Europe

 15.30-16.00 “Resources of international exhibition Pack Expo 2013”, Bezradeckii Aleksandr, deputy director of exhibition “Pack Expo”, Kiev international trade (Ukraine)