Customer’s feedbacks

Polymer tour feedbacks


I have got an immense pleasure to communicate with people who work in polymer branch.

Roman S. Voytyuk Technical Procurement Dept Manager ECOPLAST LTD
It was very useful to establish new contacts.

Andrei I. Didenko, Director , ISTOK PE
It goes better and better from time to time, I guess the direction had been set correctly.

Vladimir Y. Kravchenko, Director POLYMERDETAL JSC
It was useful information and contacts.

Yury V. Chumasov, Deputy Director, MRIYA-94
I liked polymer tour, it was well-organized and gave many useful contacts among tour participants as well as among Chinaplas exhibitors. I would like to take part in future events of the similar formats.

Alexandr V. Dobrogorsky, Director ARTPOLYMER
Polymer tour to Chinaplas 2011, China was memorable by it's intense program, high level of organization and many new contacts. The size of the exhibition is impressive. There was many new models of the polymer-processing equipment. I hope that negotiations we had held during the exhibition would help us in future cooperation with our new partners.

Andrei I. Didenko, Director, ISTOK
It has been my second polymer tour organized by the Association CUPI. It was well-organized, same as the first one. This kind of tour's format is very important for me, because we establish new partnership not only with the exhibitors but also with the tour participants, most of whom are top managers. It is always interesting to exchange experience and opinions. And after the intense day at the exhibition you can always relax and have conversation together with your ukrainian colleagues from the polymer branch.
Vera Ivanova, Commercial Director, POLYMERCONTAINER
Polymer tour was full of new business contacts and had very intense sightseeing program. We had negotiations about the equipment we had found interesting, we found new potential partners. Polymer tour organizers did their best to make our time in China useful and beneficial.
Head of the Technical Department, POLYMERDETAL, Jsc, I.I. Lashko
We enjoyed the way that polymer tourto Chinaplas 2011 was organized, we would like to visit even more companies. We have found new business partners among the participants of the exhibition, and visited all the partners that we have found beforehand.
Absolutely we want to participate in future Polymer tours.


Feedbacks about Polymer club

Deputy director, PREDPRIYATIYE POLYMER, JSC, O.V. Tischenko
The club is well-organized, we would like to study more of specific branch problems.

 N. Nosov — Deputy Production Manager, KAZANORGSYNTEZ, JSC (LDPE manufacturer)
It was very useful and important information, about life and production in polymer sphere.

Gennady V. Krivorotko — Sales Manager, KHIMEKSI, Private JS
The club is informative and useful. It is important to go on.

Vadim S. Moroz- Director COMPANY LION, PE
That was very interesting, thank you. I would add some more practical issues to the meeting.